2.5″ Oval Popping Cork

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The 2.5″ oval popping cork will be your go-to fishing float for any kind of fishing you are doing. Anglers will use them when inshore fishing, but they can also be used when lake fishing. They are the perfect size cork for fishing for redfish and trout. They work perfectly with live bait or your favorite artificial lures. They produce one of the loudest sounds on the market and are guaranteed to attract more fish to your bait. Their durability is why they are so popular. They may not be the cheapest on the market or the most expensive, but we guarantee they will last the longest. They are crafted to withstand the elements that come with saltwater fishing. Popping corks are perfect for generating a sound that resembles baitfish or fleeing shrimp.


The 2.5″ oval popping cork are American made with blood, sweat, and tears. They are well made and crafted with only the best materials in the industry. They feature a coated cable that is rated up to 250lbs that allows them to flex and bend but never break. They feature an oval cork that is perfect for popping through the water. This is one popping cork that every angler should be fishing.

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